Ohio Commerce Center History


The complex was built in 1942 as a military storage depot. It saw extensive use during World War II when the buildings stored tanks, jeeps, uniforms, mess kits and other military supplies but not live ammunition. The U.S government sold the facility in 1967 to the Community Improvement Corporation of Warren.

In 1967, it was operated by The Space Center Family of Companies. In Space Center bought the facility in 1977 and changed its name to Meritex Enterprises in the late 1980s.

The facility has leased to a diverse client base, including van conversion companies, swimming pool manufacturers, packing and inspecting companies, public warehouses, pipe manufacturers, rubber extruders, customization of automobiles and railroad repair facilities, railroad trans loading facility and automobile storage.

In 2010, the complex was bought by Spirongo Lordstown LLC (LTEX), which is committed to modernization via its plan that includes
  • Repaving of roads and parking areas
  • Upgrading of rail lines
  • Building a new administrative office
  • Developing low cost gas and electric utilities for tenants
    from on-site resources
  • Developing abundant on-site water resources from two
    municipal sources – the City of Warren and Mahoning Valley
    Sanitary District